Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aussie style

  Welcome and thank you to all the new followers that have hopped on board through the Jackpot. I thought it might be the time to tell you a bit about my life and classroom in Australia. And since we have 6 states and 2 territories (yeah I know) I'll do it in 8 points :) Stop me if you have a question.

1. I have a husband, 2 kiddies (Madison 4 and Cameron 2) and one big fat chocolate Labrador named Roxy.


2. I have been teaching on and off for 7 years (with part time to look after the babies) with 4 years on Grades 5/6 and the past 2 years on Grade 2.

3. I started my college education at Arizona State University where I attended on a swimming scholarship - FORK 'EM DEVILS!!

4. In my class 2B this year I have 24 students - 16 girls and 8 boys. But the lack of boys can totally be ignored as they seem to cause the most trouble! My school is approximately 280 students K-6 with 12 classes in total.

5. I do have an interactive whiteboard and 2 classroom computers in my room. I think I would perish without the technology now as I have become so reliant on it - even for handwriting lessons.

6. I love teaching maths! Although my personal strength was writing/literacy as a student, there is something about breaking maths concepts down and putting them together for the kids that gives me great satisfaction.

7. My current favourite 'sport' is Texas Hold'em poker :) Its so awesome when you play in a tournament and swap stories with someone. When the question of what you do for a living comes up and I say "primary school teacher" you can hear jaws drop lol. I love the strategy but I really enjoy the social night out too.
Know when to hold'em Kenny

and finally
8. I am really enjoying having this blog. At the moment you could call me a little OTT (for those not up on the lingo - thanks 2B students, this means over the top) because I think about it a lot, I look at other blogs a lot searching for ideas to improve my own blog. BUT I think the biggest benefit I received from this blog so far - and its only been up a month, is that it is making me critically analyse my own teaching and resources I'm using to do it :)


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