Sunday, May 13, 2012

Split Strategy - Addition

Hi All
Just a quick post from me today as it is my one day off a week - Monday :) The kids and I have been to swimming lessons, for coffee and now Im doing a stack of school work that really needs to get done! I am running a cross country (long distance race) for the 15 schools in our Zone on Friday and there is a possible strike called for right when our carnival is. Can you say logistical nightmare?

But anyways....

Last week in maths we learnt a new strategy called split strategy. Its great for using with 2 digit plus 2 digit numbers (or even 3 digits!) It helped my kids as they would look at those 'big' numbers and just say "I cant do that! Its too big". But now we have a strategy and even my bottom kids could do it.

Have a look at the link below for more info and even a video. Maybe its something you can use in your classroom


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