Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Website Wednesday

Hi all
If you are anything like me, I scour the internet for websites and interactive games that are appropriate for my lessons and user friendly for my students to access independently. So what I would like to do each Wednesday is choose a focus area and give you some websites I have 'road tested' in the classroom with success (or maybe sometimes abject failure!!! - you know it happens to the best of us)

My first focus is going to be Subtraction which we have been focussing on this week in Maths groups. If you would like to read more about how I run my maths groups click here to go to that post.

The games that we have played this week are

Subtraction Soccer
In this game students have to remove the right amount of players as stated in the takeaway. Then they click the kicker. If they have matched the subtraction correctly they score a goal. My boys especially liked this one.
In this game the students have 3 numbers and they have to rearrange them to make a subtraction that works. Links nicely with fact families.

 The Digit Workout
The final subtraction game we played was this one. It has many different applications but we used the Level 2 Subtract from 20 ones.
I hope these sites can come in useful in the classroom the next time you look at subtraction. Leave me a comment to let me know what direction you would like me to go in for next week.


  1. Love this idea for Wednesdays! Thanks for your finds.

    Jessica Stanford

  2. Thank you for those sites! Subtraction is something my kiddos can definitely use more practice with :).