Monday, May 21, 2012

Nutrition in school...real or myth?

I write this post as I am one day through a 2 day Professional Development course. The course titled "Live Life Well @ School" aims to promote nutrition and fundamental movement skills in schools, creating healthier kids which should in turn create healthier learners.

But does a healthy school environment exist?

I think about my own eating habits that I model to the kids. I usually dont get a chance to eat in front of the kids  but my biggest contributor to influencing decisions they may make about food is Coke. Yep Coke. Until today, I thought nothing of grabbing the coke at the end of lunch and taking it out on the playground or into my classroom. What message am I sending to my kids?

Part of this PD is to come up with an action plan to implement into your school to improve nutrition and fundamental movement skills (FMS). When we examined what our school 'had', we actually realised how badly Health is suffering.

So our nutrition part of the action plan is to address eating and drinking. We plan to introduce a Crunch and Sip break where students may eat fruit and veg during class time and sip water. We also plan to purchase school drink bottles to encourage students to reach their daily intake of water each day.

Down the track, we also plan to introduce a "Taste Test Tuesday" where students try new fruit and vegies. One small step at a time...

So the question, do you have a healthy school environment which is conducive to healthy, happy learners? 

I know as teachers we have a lot to educate our kids about. But with rates of obesity growing and growing, we need to step in. 

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  1. Love the water bottle idea! I can't stand the sticky, calorie, sugar loaded drinks that they bring!


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