Saturday, June 16, 2012

Porthole Craft Activity and oh so close!

I have finally got some pictures of the cute porthole craft I did with the kiddos last week (the week of the spray paint incident). I found the idea somewhere on Pinterest - if you know where it is from, let me know and Ill give credit. 

 First of all, take a paper plate. You could paint it or colour it blue, but I found some blue paper circles so we glued these on. 

 I then gave the kids lots of different coloured paper, some green felt and some tinfoil and let them go nuts! They were cutting out fish, sharks, jellyfish, treasure chests and making treasure with the foil. It was great to see their creativity. 
  We then took another plate and cut out the middle so only the bumpy bit around the edge was left. This is what was going to frame the underwater scene. 
Then I spray painted it CAREFULLY (see here for information on how NOT to open a spray can hehehe)
 A bit glue on the back of the cut out plate and stick it on top of the sea scene and VIOLA! Port hole window craft

Hope you enjoyed it. My kiddos had a blast.

And as for the "oh so close" comment, I am at 96 followers! I honestly can't believe it and thank you all for following me and having the courage to read my ranting :) When I hit 100, I'm planning something special. Once again, thank you for the support


  1. Brooke, I LOVE this idea! I'll have to find and excuse to do it!!!

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  2. Oh my, I love, love, love this!!! Tooooo cute!


  3. That's so cool! I'm going to use this for our ocean unit!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. They turned out super cute! Just read about the spray paint... ahhhh! I would have lost my mind! So glad to hear you were able to remove it! Makes me scared to use spray paint, yikes! Lesson learned: do it outside! :) I'm your #98! Only 2 more to go! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!