Friday, June 8, 2012

So I exploded a can of spray paint....

Oh wow. I had to share my disaster of a Friday morning with you.

We have been studying transport this term. This week we were talking about water transport and wrote a story about travelling on a submarine. So I thought I would do this super cool 'submarine porthole' craft I found on the net (and yes I know that not many subs would have a porthole haha). There will be pics to follow next week because they turned out super cute

But anyways...

The final step was the spray the 'frame' of the porthole gold or silver to give it that window-type effect. So I went and bought my spray paint (one gold and one silver) last night and intended to spray the craft this morning so it would dry before we put them together.

So there I was in my classroom. Have you ever tried to get a lid off a spray can? Its really much harder than it looks. My can said to pry the lid off with a screw driver. Well I didnt have one handy but I thought I could achieve the job with a pair of scissors. It was just jimmying the top off right?

Next thing I knew there was gold exploding EVERYWHERE! Spraying all over my kids desks, the carpet, their homework, my clothes. It even got on the blinds! But worst of all, it got on my brand new, less than a week old smartboard I blogged about last week.All I can say is thank god I hadnt got the lid off yet.

My heart sank.

Quick call to the other half to find out how to remove paint. Turpentine he says. OMG!!!

Quick trip to find some turps and there I was, sucking in fumes of spray paint and turps, vigorously scrubbing down my classroom before the bell rang and my kids came in.

The smell - WOO! I think we were all a little bit high this morning.

But the good news was I got the paint off my furniture and smart board. Now to work on my clothes.

And yes, I did spray the windows, just silver :)


  1. Sorry that you are having a rough day. I guess you can look at it that it can only get better.


  2. Oh my! I had problems with spray paint yesterday. I wasted so many cans and then put a clear coat that turned the bookcase dusty looking. I will need to sand it down and start over.

  3. Oh My Goodness, Brooke! Thank goodness it was Friday... you well and truly deserved your long weekend! Can't wait to see your Submarine writing! Have a great week ahead.
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  4. We just got spray paint on our SMARTboard so I'm wondering if the turpentine did any damage to it?

    1. I used mineral turps and it was fine. Good luck!