Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Website Wednesday

Im taking a detour today. Away from the 'academic type' websites and towards a more engaging, interactive fun one that the kids will love (but still has a place in your literacy time).

The website that my last year 2nd graders had heaps of fun with was Kerpoof.

 The home page is your key to unlocking the fun. If you want your kids to save any of their work, you might like to look into signing up. There is a fee though. I never needed to save my kids work last year so this didnt bother me.
This screen shot is from the activity Spell a Picture. Students have to use the letters to spell the word which corresponds with any picture shown. When the word is spelt correctly, students chose the picture and it is added to their background to make a bigger picture.

This one is from Make a Card. Students choose a theme and then add whatever they like to make their own card

This shot is from Make a Picture. After choosing a background, students add embellishments to create a scene. All pics that you can can be resized, flipped etc.

This was my class' favourite activity. It is called Make a Movie. After choosing a theme, students add characters and props. They can move their characters around the scene, use perspective, add sound effects - the possibilities are endless! Its like movie making 101 and totally kid friendly.

This would be great for literacy. It is called Tell a Story. After choosing a theme, students illustrate their pages by using the pictures provided and then write text to match. Pretty awesome hey? I love this one.

Another great page is the Lesson Plans page. There are some great goodies for teachers, some lesson plans and then advice on how to use Kerpoof to address the topics in the plans. And they are linked to standards too!

Click on the first picture to go and check out the great fun at Kerpoof!

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