Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teaching Patterns

Patterns is one of those maths topic areas which isn't very well resourced in my opinion. I have already created a skip counting/identify the pattern activity pack which you can find in my TPT store here, but I wanted to share another activity which my kids love doing. And the best thing is that you can differentiate it for many different grade levels and ability groups within your class too.

Magic pot is the name of the game. The pot acts as a number machine which changes a number to fit a certain 'rule' that the child picks.

This is one activity that when we had free choice maths groups last year, my kids asked for every time. They enjoy it because it is totally driven by them and gives them complete ownership over the activity.
Click on either pic to go grab it for FREE at my TPT store. I would love if you left me some feedback.


  1. I did something similar to this! We called it the magic chest and we let the kids make their own magic chests to use during the lessons! =) The kids loved it!

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