Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My new find!

Husband requested some double sided tape the other day so off to the store I trotted. No double sided tape to be seen....but I saw these....

These are double sided tape dots! I love a new stationery item (think stationery nerd).

They are tape dots! If you stick things on the walls of your classroom and are sick of struggling with tape, this might be something you could try!

For my Australian friends, I actually picked these up at Franklins/IGA. For my American friends, these are something comparable that I found on Amazon (i *heart* amazon...but that is a conversation for another day)

What is your favourite new stationery find?


  1. I love glue dots! They are great for kids crafts, especially during a holiday party at school. I am also a stationery nerd! I could spend hours in Office Depot or Office Max :)

    The Open Door Classroom

  2. I can't seem to follow your blog via email.... says it's not enabled. Any chance of a fix, pls? I just have to follow a fellow Aussie educator. Cheers and stay cool!!