Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teachers are crafty!

Yesterday I went into work to do some tidying up for the new school year. We start back on the 29th January and it seems to be creeping creeping up!

I also had to cover my boards in fabric - I have just gone for bright colours as a theme (pics will come when it is all finished) but I did get some pics of my little crafty effort which was LONG overdue!

This is the chair I sit on every day. Goodness knows how old this sucker is! But the kids pick it, an pull stuffing out looks a  bit sad. Enter fabric and a staple gun!

 At the same time I took on the stools that were left in the classroom for me. Not in as bad a shape but still butt-ugly!

I don't have any process pics but this is the result!

 What a difference? I don't know how clean it will stay...but it is definitely better than the alternative. I might scotchguard it. Any thoughts?

 The stool for the kiddies :)
 My little reading corner - I have a mat to go down but I am still waiting for the cleaner to vacuum - still hasn't been done since the last day of school 3 WEEKS AGO!

The ensemble! In no way am I going to take up upholstery as a side job, but I found it easy enough :)

So what do you think?


  1. They look great! Now I'm inspired to pop some pics up of what my room is looking like (I've been in there all week, setting up for the 29th too!)

    Love the colours. I'm blue, pink, black and white... quite a few but it covers the boy/girl thing and nobody gets too upset. Plus, it looks cute!

  2. Brooke they look amazing! Well done! I have some pretty old and yucky furniture in my room as well :( My desk for starters - I'm sure its been around since the 70's! Luckily I asked for a new one and there was a spare one in another room (still not the prettiest) but it will do!

    Great job with transforming those chairs!!!!

    Little Learners

  3. Those look awesome! I love the fabric that you chose! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  4. Very cute Brooke! Those chairs are EVERYwhere! Am sure they caused my back injury! Or at least, didn't help!

  5. They look awesome. A huge improvement. I hurt my back last year sitting in one of those chairs too and stretching to kill a cockroach before it got to my kids. I killed it... but had to have 2 weeks off work to recover the back :( Fabulous colours.