Monday, July 2, 2012

Book score!

Classroom libraries are a great thing. It gives children who may not have access to books (or many books) at home, a great opportunity to read and enjoy books. My classroom library has definitely evolved over the years.

When I first began teaching, I would but all my books brand new from Bookclub. I would carefully cover them with contact. I wrote my name inside. I set up a borrowing system. All things to try and protect my investment.

But as time went by, and some of my books weren't being returned, I wondered about what to do. But then something happened....

I drove past a local op shop. And in the window was a sign that said Childrens books $3 a bag. I stopped and stared. Surely not? Very interested I went inside. I walked out with around 20 books (all short chapter books etc for my year 5 and 6 class) and I was pumped! At the end of my time on Year 5 and 6 I have ended up with a huge plastic storage box full of books.

Since then I have filled a new class library for my Year 2 class which is great. But my little op shop hasn't had the sign out for ages :(

Until today. I usually do the op shop run in the holidays looking for things for my class (games etc) and as I drove past this little shop there was the sign! (This time it said $5 a bag but nothing was stopping me from going inside)

I found an absolute great stash for my Year 2 - especially for the boys who at times are reluctant readers.
 Some of the hard cover books
 Disney Magazines - which my class love! Anything to get them reading :)
 More magazines!
The whole haul - around 35 books/mags for $5. Woohoo!!!

Tell me about your great op shop or 2nd hand store score!
Now I am off to try and decide what to lay-by for my kids for Christmas...


  1. Good buys! I STILL contact all of my books before placing them in my class library. I've found, particularly with little hands, that they stay in great condition for longer when covered (there's a reason why libraries do it!). This is my 3rd year teaching second and even the much loved favourites still look great. I think the kids appreciate the books more and treat them better when they look nice. I've bought some 2nd hand books from the lifeline BookFest.

  2. Oh, I want MY op shop to do this! Very jealous :)

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  3. I have actually found quite a few books for cheap at garage sales and yard sales. I can usually get them around 4 books for $1! Not quite as good as 35 for $5 but it's still a lot better than buying all new.