Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Which sight word list?

Hi all
Just a quick one as I am deep in creative thought (and trying to ignore the mountain of housework that seems to be piling up behind me!)

I am creating a sight word game and the question I need answered is which sight word list? Dolch? Frys? Another one? Please give me some guidance here as I am super excited about creating this product :)

Also thanks to those who reviewed my Splashing into Maths Dice and Card Games packet. It has been edited, fixed and spruced up and is now for sale in my TPT store HERE! Be quick. I have it listed for $4.50 but for the next two days you can snag it for $3.00. 20 games that take next to no time to set up! All you need is some dice and a pack of cards. Easy right?

Oh and one last thing...did you notice I now have a Favicon? How cool hey? Is it worth doing a tutorial for that for anyone? It is super simple :)


  1. I love your favicon. I'd also like a tutorial. Going now to check out your packet.

  2. For the first time ever I am using a scheme called Multilit. Prep to Year 3 are following it this year, and it is co-ordinated by the Support Teachers (ex Reading Recovery). Interestingly, up here in Qld we are well into the 'new' curriculum, and sight words haven't featured once in English...

  3. Miss Nelson - Tutorial on the way this week
    Doobee - We do a really strict literacy program too and don't have a focus sight word list either. Thats's why I'm after some advice from others.

  4. Hi Brooke, I teach Year One in Brisbane and although we are following the National Curriculum no indication is given towards which sight words to focus on. My teaching partner has compiled a list of words that we follow which incorporates Fry/dolch and other commonly used words. We have broken the words into sets of about 10 words. The parents download the lists from our class blog and then work through each list for homework at their child's own pace. As the parents signs off to say their child knows every word in a set the child is tested in class and then given a little vistaprint card/certificate.
    Embarrassed to admit that I had to look up what a favicon is!

    1. Thanks Libby. What do you think of the national curriculum? I can't see it happening in NSW in the near future to be honest. We don't have a set sight word list either. i have gone with Fry's but in my personal classroom I have Dolch words as a word wall (which I do not refer to at all hehe)