Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here I am in week 2 of my 2 week mid year break. I usually dedicate a bit of time to programming so that I feel prepared for the term ahead but so far, I have found it hard to be disciplined enough to get started. As a nod to my programming, I thought I would share with you some things I do to get ready for the term.

1. We have a check list that gets given out by our supervisors to make sure we include/address all the Key Learning Areas (KLA's) in particular ways. Our KLA's are 1. English 2. Mathematics 3. Human Society and Its Environment (known as HSIE which is like a social studies topic) 4. Science and Technology 5. Creative and Practical Arts (CAPA) and 6. Personal Development/Health/Physical Education (PD/H/PE). Obviously the biggest areas you plan around are English and Maths and at my school we integrate our science and HSIE topics into our English.

The check list addresses whether we have included the following info for each KLA

  • Outcomes to be achieved (these are like your new Common Core)
  • Teaching Strategies (how are you going to get there)
  • Content Overview
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
2. We also need to include things like class timetable, Student information such as ESL, learning difficulties etc, Specialist staff (learning support team and how you use them) and Class discipline plan. The line of thinking about the program in its current format is that it is so explicit that anyone should be able to walk into your classroom and teach from it.

3. Since I do a lot of my programming in the holidays and due to the fact I do not work on Mondays, I often include any worksheets or things I know I will need to copy for that particular week as well as I find it helps me with my organisation.

4. In my program, I usually include any planning notes from meetings we have as a Year 1/2 team in the back so I can go and check if there is something I am meant to be doing for the team and haven't gotten around to yet.

On top of all this, I still keep a (very minimal) daybook so I can organise my thoughts

What are your school expectations for programming? Do you not have a program? Would love to hear about your programming stories.


  1. Hi Brooke, We have the C2C National Curriculum units that Education Queensland developed - so everything for English, Math and Science has been done (units, lesson plans, resources). We just plan units for SOSE, Technology, The Arts and Health as a year level, but I think they'll eventually be units for them too. We do need to show our differentiation for each lesson.

    Down Under Teacher

    1. Kylie, I can't see the National Curriculum coming in any time soon in NSW. We seem a bit stubborn. I like the sounds of it coming with the complete program and you just show the differentiation. Have you found it cuts down on programming time?

  2. Hi Brooke! Gee this post is so familiar to me! We pretty much do exactly the same for our programming! I have not even picked up my program folder these hols, but better get cracking with it!! Hope you make some progress with yours, but don't forget to enjoy your last week of hols ... they fly by too quickly!! ~ Tina

    1. I have only just got to the program yesterday. We share the planning of Literacy/HSIE and I am in charge of the first 2 weeks, so I need to get it cracking. And I flipped through my maths and due to so many interruptions last term, I still have 4 weeks of lessons planned! So hopefully it wont be so bad. Hope you are enjoying hols too Tina!