Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Website Wednesday

This term, Year 1 and 2 at my school are studying plants and animals - life cycles, habitats etc. So as I was scouring the internet for a cool and easy life cycle video, I stumbled onto this site.

A lot of these games and videos say they are aimed between PK-1 but having looked through a few, I think that it was be appropriate for Year 2 as well.

Home Page - The top tabs are where the money is :) The following pics are screen grabs from the Games and Videos tabs, but having looked through the stories and worksheets ones, think there is lots of value in the sheets and online story books too
Some of the Maths Games, but I couldn't fit them all in this grab. Includes topics such as addition, time, numbers and fractions.

Language Games including vowels, sequencing, phonics. Lots of easy to use independent games.

Science Games to support many units including life cycles, senses, animals and space.

A grab of the videos page (again I couldn't fit them all in). The videos are short and simple to follow, perfect to illustrate simple concepts.

Go and check out TurtleDiary. I'm sure your students will enjoy it :)


  1. This looks very good! Thanks for sharing! We are your newest followers!

    1. Great! Thanks for jumping on board :)