Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maths in Minutes and a Debacle

First the debacle. Ahhhhh what a debacle!!! Kind of a funky word hey? Debacle. Anyway I digress....

I have a phone, its maker rhymes with Shnapple and the other week this happened to it.

That pillow looking thing is my battery! Scary hey? Shnapple wanted me to pay close to $200 to replace it, even though it is obviously a faulty pillow battery. No way I said. The bummer is I am still on a contract for it for another 7 months. I have another old phone I can use but still...you don't expect your phone to blow out the screen like this. Not cool Shnapple. That being said I really really want a new one :(

But anyway...I am in the midst of creating a maths unit called Maths in Minutes which is a mentals activity. It is broken up into number recognition, addition and subtraction to 10, addition and subtraction to 20 and multiplication. I have 69 levels (eeek!) and I am after some advice on whether I should include an answer key to go with it. Here is a sample level.
I think I know the answer that I will get given, just after some honest feedback :)


  1. I would say yes. If you didn't create one, I would for myself. It makes it quicker to check and also convenient if there is a teacher helper or substitue in the room.
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  2. I would say no. I wouldn't use it anyway.

    BTW - I have never seen anything like that battery! Weird...

  3. Hi Brooke! Love your maths in minutes activite!! My vote for an answer key would be 'YES'... easier for me, any class helper and a great way for more capable kiddies to self check :D Now onto the phone...!! I received one from my hubby for my birthday recently and I would be LIVID if I was told to pay for its repair for what is such an obvious fault! You poor thing:( Hope that Shnapple come to their senses and replace it for free!! xx

  4. Hi, can you please tell me where I can buy your minute maths sheets from please. Thank you

    1. I have never actually published them!

    2. I have never actually published them!